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Welcome To The Metal Detectives USA Web Directory!


 Metal Detectives USA is a free web directory service for metal detector enthusiasts who want to get the word out in their local community that they are available and at your service!
If you have lost a metal object and need help finding it, contact your local metal detective!



Whether it is that crazy great uncle's buried loot that might be buried along an old fence line or simply a set of keys or your ring you lost in the water, snow or grass, your local metal detective can help you find it! Your local metal detective may also offer other services such as locating buried water meters, heating oil tanks, valves, sprinkler heads, manhole covers, shallow pipes, cables and other metal items that can be located with a metal detector.
Most metal detectives use the latest modern metal detecting equipment and most have several years of experience using approved search and recovery techniques.
Note - not all services are available in all areas - contact your local metal detectives for more information.

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